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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.      Does my building permit application need to be approved by the Conservation Commission?

A.      In most cases, as part of the application process, the Building Inspector will require that the building permit application be reviewed by the Conservation Commission to determine if it falls under the scope of the Wetlands Protections Act.

Q.      How do I get my application reviewed by the Conservation Commission?

A.      Applications are reviewed by the Commission's Agent at town hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact the Administrative Clerk to set up an appointment.

Q.      Do I need to file with the Conservation Commission?

A.      If you are planning ANY WORK with the exception of painting or residing, within:

100 ft. of a wetland, swamp, lake, pond, bog, salt marsh, beach, wet meadow, dune or flat;

200 ft. of the banks of any stream, river, brook or estuary;

100 ft. of any seawall;

any floodplain, flood zone, or land below elevation 11 ft. above Mean Sea Level; OR

a barrier beach or coastal beach;
        you may be required to file a Notice of Intent. Even minor projects in the areas listed above may require the filing of a Request for Determination of Applicability. Please contact the Clerk to set up an appointment with the Agent to review your project before you begin any work.

Q.      Does the Town of Essex have it's own Wetlands By-law?

A.      The Town of Essex does not have a separate wetlands by-law at this time.

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