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Section 4 - General Safety Guidelines

4.0     General Safety Guidelines

It is impossible to prescribe detailed standards that apply to all situations that might arise.  Therefore, minimum standards are presented for the most common situations with the understanding that additional protection must be provided where special complexities and hazards exist.  Although each situation must be dealt with individually, conformity with the basic provisions should be required.  The following general rules apply to all departments:

·       Horseplay, fighting, pranks, wrestling, etc. are prohibited.

·       Smoking is prohibited around any flammable material.

·       Use proper lifting techniques.  Heavy objects, tools or materials should not be lifted alone.  Use lifting devices or request   assistance.

·       Asbestos pipe should not be cut with any tool that will create dust.

·       Work areas should be kept clean and orderly for maximum safety.

·       Intoxication, reporting for work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and consumption or possession of alcohol or drugs during work hours is prohibited.

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